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Wine Accessories' Set «Xiaomi Mi Cirle Joy»

Item number: N:013265

83.33 USD



Width 6.9 cm. Length 36.4 cm. Height 17.4 cm.

Product description

The set includes four specially selected items to help you open, pour, aerate and preserve your wine. One charge is enough to open 120 consecutive bottles. The electric corkscrew is stable and efficient. With the Circle Joy stopper, the vacuum level is maintained at 0.038 MPa, which effectively preserves the freshness of the drink. Even after seven days, the aroma and taste of the wine will remain the same freshness.
Based on Bernoulli's law, wine is mixed with oxygen during bottling, which gives it a fresh and aromatic taste. Thanks to the Circle Joy aerator, the moment the wine passes through the channel through the air holes, it is quickly saturated with oxygen and very visible air bubbles. Our studies have shown that one second of aeration has the same effect as 15 minutes of decantation.
With a hermetic cork, you can decide how many days to keep the wine, which is indicated on the hermetic cork. The wine set includes a utility knife for cutting tin lids and labels.
Battery: 4 x AA type.

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