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Salt lamp «Salty» №3 Salt lamp «Salty» №3 Salt lamp «Salty» №3 Salt lamp «Salty» №3

Salt lamp «Salty» №3

Item number: N:101303 Upcoming Delivery Date: 26 Jun 2024

42.76 USD



Weight 3000 gram Width 15 cm. Height 17 cm.

Product description

«Salty» salt lamps are made in Armenia from Armenian and Himalayan salt stone.

About 30 minutes after switching on, the salt lamp begins to heat up, releasing ions into the air that purify the air by absorbing smoke, dust, radiation (electronics, WiFi devices, phone, computer).

Salt lamps are indicated especially for people with allergies, asthma, chronic lung disease. They also prevent stress, reduce inflammatory processes in the body, improve the immune system and improve sleep.

The salt lamp shown in the picture may differ in terms of color, because it is not possible to make a copy of the lamp - the salt stone is natural and each stone has its own unique shade.

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