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Game `Sport in a different way` Game `Sport in a different way`

Game `Sport in a different way`

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Product description

Box contents: 150 cards, hourglass, game comment sheet. Age: 14+.

It is necessary to explain the words of the playing card without using identical words or the translation of those words into other languages.

One of the team members draws the card and explains to his teammates the 7 words written on it. Each guessed word is 1 point. You are given 1 minute to complete the task, which is calculated by the hourglass attached to the game.

If all 7 words of the playing card have been guessed and the time has not over yet, the participant has the right to take the next card.

Words can be explained in different ways, for example, using synonyms, antonyms, describing a situation, etc.

It is not allowed to explain the words letter by letter or indicate the number of letters in the word.

It is not necessary to keep the order of the words on the playing card when explaining.

The teams and their members play in sequence.

Any of the opposing team can follow so that the one who explains the rules follows the rules of the game. In case of violation, the team loses 1 point. The team that collects the most points wins.

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