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Plant `Orchid Gallery` Sheflera №2

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Product description

Plant: Schefflera.

Lighting. A plant with green leaves needs a more shady place than a variegated species, which can lose its exotic colors in case of insufficient lighting. The arch can be placed under the rays of the sun, which will accelerate the growth of the scaffold. Although the plant feels great even in poor lighting, burning blood is harmful to the plant. At home, the shuffle can reach a height of 2 meters.
Watering. The plant does not like dryness, so it needs to be watered abundantly and constantly.
Humidity. Like all tropical plants, Schefflera loves high humidity. Humidity is especially needed when the plants overwinter in warm apartments.
Temperature. Schefflera is a heat-loving plant, but can withstand low temperatures, it needs at least 10–15 ° C in winter. In summer, the most favorable is about 20 ° C, the plant feels good when the temperature drops at night.

Height: 45-50 cm.
Vase: plastic.

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