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Gift box «NE Beauty» Self-manicurist Gift box «NE Beauty» Self-manicurist

Gift box «NE Beauty» Self-manicurist

Item number: N:100584

24.19 USD

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Product description

This kit includes all the necessary materials for performing high-quality and harmless gel polish at home. All NE materials are free from 5 harmful components, which is why they are also safe for use by pregnant women and do not contain the risk of allergies.

The kit includes:
- dehydrator,
- primer,
- base layer,
- 2 gel polishes,
- upper layer,
- detailed guide,
- one-time discount coupon.

Before starting work with materials, make sure that the cuticles are clean. For this, you can leave your hands in warm water for 5-10 minutes and carefully push back the cuticle with an orange stick or a disinfected, personal spade. After finishing the work with the cuticles, you should dry your hands and nails very well.