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Game «Tickle»

Item number: N:099787
Shop: dee.am Brand: Dee.am

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Product description

Humorous board game «Tickle».
This is the simplest and loudest game.

Inside the box there are 400 playing cards, which are divided into two groups: hee-hee and ha-ha.
One of the participants opens the playing card hee-hee, reads the sentence, and the other participants choose the funniest one from the 8 ha-ha playing cards near them and put them on the table face down. The host shuffles the options on the table and starts reading them one by one. The participant of the most successful combination is considered the winner and receives the hee-hee playing card as 1 point. The game continues clockwise.

Number of playing cards: 400 pcs,
Number of players: 3+,
Age: 16+.

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