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Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania'' Game ''Naturemania''

Game ''Naturemania''

Item number: N:097547

16.45 USD



Weight 360 gram

Product description

The Naturemania board game is a game that raises awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. Be aware of the environment and enjoy entertainment with your family and friends.

Age: 12+,
Number of participants: 2-6,
Playing time: 60-90 minutes.

Participants who guess the correct answers accumulate points, and the participant with the most points is declared the winner. From the beginning, when developing the game, special attention was paid to the interest and complexity of the selected topics and questions, making it suitable for participants over 12 years old, regardless of their level of environmental education.

Naturemania as a board game has a number of features. The game consists of high-quality pieces, wooden dice and a flexible playing field. The game pack is made from recycled materials and the pieces are reusable and recyclable.

All questions in the game are related to ecology and environmental protection.

The box includes:
- game board: 1 pc,
- action cards,
- score cards,
- playing figurines: 6 pcs,
- wooden dice: 1 pc,
- bag for the cards: 1 pc,
- rules guide: 1 pc.

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