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Game «Things they don't teach in school» Space Game «Things they don't teach in school» Space

Game «Things they don't teach in school» Space

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Why do they hang a soft toy inside a spaceship? What happens if you scream or cry in space? Why are black holes black, or are there other colored holes? How did the Martian stones come into the hands of experts, if no sample from Mars has been brought to Earth yet?

«Things they don\'t teach in school - Space» game is not at all like other traditional games with boring questions. It gives an opportunity to discover the universe, to fall in love with it and to deepen knowledge on this very topic.

This is the best reason to gather with friends, family members and learn facts, statistics, biological phenomena - everything that was definitely not taught in school. More than 450 questions are waiting for you inside the box, which will create a reason for new discussions. So, open the box and be the first to surprise people with your new knowledge.

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