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''CHOP-CHOP'' Floating letters and numbers ''CHOP-CHOP'' Floating letters and numbers

''CHOP-CHOP'' Floating letters and numbers

Item number: N:076767
Shop: Ailkerp Brand: Ailkerp

10.53 USD


Product description

CHOP-CHOP floating letters and numbers create the perfect combination for kids to have fun and learn․ They learn the Armenian letters, learn to count, recognize colors, and by gluing and tearing the wet letters and numbers to the bathroom walls and tiles with their little fingers, they develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Material: EVA (harmless, odorless, soft).

The set includes,

- 39 letters (complete alphabet of Armenian)

- 10 numbers (numbers from 0 to 9)
- Mesh bag (for drying, storing and keeping clean).

Age: 3+

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