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The First Hero of the "We Support the Armenian Manufacturer" Series

DF Project


A little tour in time.


Coronavirus epidemic, then war. From 2020 to now, difficult times are not over yet. Struggle after struggle. In such situations, since centuries, the Armenian collects all his inner power and goes to work.

In October 2020, Armenia needed help more than ever. That was the reason that the "I support made in Armenia" movement was created very quickly. Armenians of the world united again. The idea was to give up Turkish products and instead find Armenian ones, including the ones from Armenia. In this way, it was also possible to stimulate the growth of the Armenian economy, supporting first small and medium, and then also large Armenian producers.

The initiative immediately found a response within Armenia as well. Many companies joined and began to actively promote the idea of ​​buying from a domestic manufacturer on their platforms.

Supporting the Armenian economy is one of the main missions of, and we quickly joined the movement.

Today, heroes live and work silently next to us, and they remained steady in both their decisions and their work during the most difficult year.

It's time to take another step. has decided to introduce you to Armenian producers themselves, in order to demonstrate the truth of the phrase "the impossible is possible". They all have something to say and have started their journey to make that voice heard.

The first hero of our new video series representing Armenian manufacturers is Karo, the founder of the "DF Project" silver jewelry brand, who even has a letter of gratitude for not stopping his activities in the tax field during the pandemic.

Another proof that a work done with love is twice, thrice as good.
See for yourself.

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