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Skin Care Set ''Aveta'' №4 Skin Care Set ''Aveta'' №4

Skin Care Set ''Aveta'' №4

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Product description

Designed for combination skin

The collection includes:
1. Energizing Aveta -30 ml:
2. Healing Aveta -15 ml:
3. Glass candlestick + scented candle
4. Aveta author postcard

Contributes to:
- Refreshing and invigorating the skin
- Moisturizing the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles
- Smoothing the skin and restoring its natural glow

Method of application:
Spray on face and neck 2-3 times a day to freshen up and brighten the skin. For best results, use immediately after washing and before makeup. Close your eyes when spraying your face.

Store out of direct sunlight, in a dry place (5 ° C-25 ° C), preferably at + 10 ° C.

Shelf life: 8 months.

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