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Plant `Orchid Gallery` Orchid №7

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Product description

Plant: orchid.
The ideal place to grow an orchid is near the east-west windows. It can also be placed in the back of the room, but it is necessary to provide additional lighting with a fluorescent lamp or phyto lamp.
The temperature should fluctuate between + 20-25 ° C in summer and + 16-18 ° C in winter. If the orchid is at a temperature of more than + 25 ° C in winter, it is unlikely to bloom.
The frequency of watering is determined by the color of the roots. If they are silver, then it is time to water, if they are green, and there are drops of water on the walls of the vase, then it should not be watered.
In summer water once a week, in winter with an interval of 10-15 days.

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