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Gift card «Ardook» 5,000 dram Gift card «Ardook» 5,000 dram Gift card «Ardook» 5,000 dram

Gift card «Ardook» 5,000 dram

Item number: N:192586
Shop: Ardook

16.45 USD


Product description

With an Ardook gift card, you give the recipient free time, freeing them from household worries.
The card is valid for 6 months from the moment of purchase.

The gift card includes the following services:
- ironing clothes: 1 kg (5-8 pieces): 2900 drams,
- washing and ironing clothes (5-8 pieces): 3900 drams,
- ironing linen: 1 kg: 590 drams,
- washing and ironing linen: 1 kg: 790 drams.

Ardook social enterprise provides work compatible with childcare for mothers of disabled children.

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