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Beard oil «Mihr» growth stimulant Beard oil «Mihr» growth stimulant

Beard oil «Mihr» growth stimulant

Item number: N:186373
Shop: Nuard Brand: Nuard

19.41 USD



Volume 30.00 ml

Product description

Beard oil stimulating hair growth.
Volume: 30 ml.

This beard oil is super effective because it contains an exclusive combination of castor, wheat germ, hemp, Armenian grape, jojoba, olive, safflower oils, as well as twice as much Vitamin E, bergamot essential oil, which are the best for stimulating beard growth.
The oil also adds a natural shine and a pleasant aroma to the beard and fights split ends.

How to use: Apply a few drops of oil to the roots of the beard, then massage with your fingers for 5-10 minutes, spread from the roots to the ends of the beard, let it absorb, then comb the beard.
You can use the serum 1-2 times a day, as well as immediately after getting out of the shower.

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