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Anti- hair loss serum `Nuard` with 8 oils, 50ml Anti- hair loss serum `Nuard` with 8 oils, 50ml

Anti- hair loss serum `Nuard` with 8 oils, 50ml

Item number: N:101280
Shop: Nuard Brand: Nuard
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Volume 50.00 ml

Product description

Anti- hair loss serum, with 8 oils
Volume: 50 ml.
For all types of hair.

Nuard's anti-hair loss serum is made from a unique combination of 8 base and essential oils and vitamin E, which perfectly stimulate new hair growth and fight against hair loss.
Hemp, castor, argan oil and bergamot essential oil are used for hair loss and strangthening of hair follicless. They have a stimulating effect on the scalp, and also helps to eliminate dandruff and prevents its appearance.
Poppy, sea bucktorn, almond, coconut, oils nourish and restore hair, give the hair a natural shine, combating the negative impact of the environment.

Thanks to its natural composition and ingredients , you can use the serum for any type of hair as a natural remedy to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth.

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