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Anti- aging serum ''Nuard'' with 4 extracts, 30ml

Item number: N:100800
Shop: Nuard Brand: Nuard

42.43 USD



Volume 30.00 ml

Product description

Rejuvenating Serum: 30+ with 4 extracts and hyaluronic.
Volume: 30 ml.
For all skin types.

- Anti-aging,
- Lifting,
- Nourishing,
- Moisturizing.

This anti-aging serum is made of extracts iris root, chamomile, thyme, rosehip, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients in a unique combination. The extracts of Armenian field flowers strengthen skin tissues, smooth wrinkles, restore, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. Due to its natural ingredients, it is intended to any type of skin, both around the eyes and on the whole face.

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