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What to give to those who have EVERYTHING 🤔?

Gifts for those who want nothing!


Around all of us there is someone to whom it's impossible to gift something, which they really need. Even if we ask directly what they would like to receive, we will not get an answer, because they themselves don't know what they would like to have. A question arises: what to do, how to surprise or please mom who says she doesn't need anything, or the best friend who lives by the "I came, I saw, I bought" formula.

You just need to be patient and use your creativity and humor. We've tried to create a collection of all the unique gifts you can give to people who have everything from useful products to humorous and creative gifts.

Let's go...


Scented candle

You can't go wrong buying a scented candle, because everyone loves sweet scents. Moreover, they have a relaxing nature, give a feeling of comfort. Especially this aromatic candle, made of eco-paraffin, can become a part of home decor.


Serving tray

For people who like to grab some tasty snacks and snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie. They may never have thought how interesting the food would be if it was arranged in an aesthetic tray. Functional containers are another option. for people who like different delicacies and watch movies and favorite programs on the phone screen.


Puzzle lamp

A lamp belongs to the list of necessary things, but when it is playful and interesting, then the gift is even more impressive. For example, do you remember the famous Tetris game, when random pieces were dropped from above into a rectangular cup, and the player could rotate and move the pieces horizontally? Who would have thought that it can be turned into a lamp that changes its image every day? How about this tetris with new solutions, which is also a lamp consisting of 7 different colored tetrominoes?


Funny soap dish

Funny things make gifts more interesting and make the recipient, the giver, and the people around happy. For example, this funny soap dish, besides serving its purpose, will also remind about the giver for a long time and entertain guests as an interesting item in the house.



Books have always been one of the best gifts that you can never have too many of. Even those people who have everything, definitely did not manage to read all the books in the world. Give a book, teach a new skill, motivate, excite, inspire with the best books.


Gift card

Gift cards continue to be one of the most relevant gifts. If you don't know what to give, then these are the best option to make the gift useful. Anyway, your relatives and friends make purchases, so you can be sure that the gift you gave was to their taste. You only have to know the name of the favorite store, and voila, the gift is ready.


Gift box

Gift boxes are a convenient way to gift a set of several items. Depending on the preferences, you can choose a box for tea lovers, boxes for coffee or sweets lovers, etc. We chose a gift box of care products because care can never be too much.



We know how annoying it is when they say, "I don't want anything."
Knowing well that we will gift something anyway. Get a humor box full of "nothing". We assure you that your questions will no longer remain unanswered.


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