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Get everything. 24h VS "Your Assistant"

They say that the busier we are, the more we get done. And have you ever come across such a case when the busyness is more than the hours of the day? How many times have you secretly (or not so much) dreamed of cloning yourself to finish your unfinished business?


Let's imagine for a moment that this is possible. What qualities should they have?

- always be available,
- look at the problem from your point of view, but think one step ahead (to help solve it),
- be responsible and consistent.


And so, where to start the search for a person who meets these criteria? Let's consider several options:

- ask friends to help,
- hire a housekeeper,
- apply for a help service.


However, are all these options always relevant?

Let's consider an everyday case։ when returning home in the evening, the car stopped working. The reason is unclear to you and it is necessary to organize its examination and evacuation of the car. What will you do? Let's start from the beginning.

1. We all have relatives and friends who are ready to help at any moment, but would it be appropriate, for example, to call a friend, especially if it is already late? Of course, no. It always happens that way։ the closer the person is to us, the less we want to disturb them. And if you have already asked them once or several times, it is doubly inconvenient. After all, it is possible that none of them will be able to help this time. It turns out that this option cannot replace your "cloned being".

2. The house worker is powerless in the car and many other matters. Even if their knowledge allows them to help, it is beyond their duties. In other words, they should become your friend so that you can ask for help and be sure that they will approach the problem with the same impartiality as you. We came back to the first point with its complications. It was not possible to "clone" you again.

3. This option is not yet widespread in Armenia, and the values of would be incomplete without such a service. Concierge is a 24/7 customer service that includes any offer. For the car example, you just need to call and explain that there is a problem (if you can't, there's no need to explain the problem), and our service team will take care of the rest.


The service is called 4u Prime "Your Assistant" and definitely justifies its name. The "cloning" problem is solved: you can subscribe and contact us at any time, and we will find a specialist according to your requirements who will carry out any assignment.

You can trust 4U Prime with your:
✔ Daily worries,
✔ Business tasks,
✔ Organization of entertainment,
✔ Travel organization (booking tickets, hotel room, etc.),
✔ Any other task.

And you can devote time to more important and pleasant things. After all, the main mission of is to have a happy society.


Get to know 4u Prime.

You can subscribe to have your assistant available 24/7.

And if you still have questions, you can call (+374) 15 400 400

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