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How to create a successful business? (Part1)

Businessman, sole entrepreneur... Who did you imagine?

He is a strong person who holds an entire company in his hands, ensures its advancement and further growth.


What is such a person like?

- persistent,
- purposeful
- constantly evolving,
- initiative.

This is how we often imagine all the people holding a leadership position, but a few decades ago, the word "man" would have been added to this list as a definition. These qualities are often attributed to representatives of the "stronger sex", but let's not forget that women are no less competitive when it comes to showing these qualities. After all, they use their skills more flexibly to succeed in their own business.

And if you think that Armenian women are just entering the business sphere and do not have much to say here, then you will be pleasantly surprised to see the female partners of

Let's get to know some of them and discover their secrets for establishing a successful business. Time passes. Are the popular stereotypes surrounding women still relevant?


A woman's place... in the kitchen?

There is a well-known opinion, isn't there, regarding the woman's whereabouts? Well, yes, many women are good at cooking delicacies in the kitchen, but often those same women are not given the opportunity to show other talents: there is no time left.

Women start their own business under various circumstances, but the restaurant business prevails. Why do you think this is so? The entrepreneur should be well informed about the field of activity of his company, so that the probability of failure is minimal. Well, our colleagues will show that they are also able to "manage the kitchen" very well.


LipLick Cakes


"Lip Lick" means to lick the lips from taste. The source of inspiration for Lilya, the founder of the cake production company, was her baby. Often, mothers celebrate the birth of a newborn baby every month until he turns one year old. Lilya also started making cakes every month when her son was born in 2011. She gradually specialized, and it was time to start her own business.

However, managing business requires a multifaceted approach. it is not enough to do one's work ideally. It is necessary to have the nerve of various specialists, for example, a lawyer or an accountant, so that all functions are clear.

Lilya is a lawyer by profession. And although the second specialization completely contradicts the first one, she is only happy about it, because here she is free to create, using all her imagination.


 Gifts from “Lip Lick Cakes”


"I am a lover of extreme, what I am afraid of, I always try to overcome․"




Narine is the founder of "Saryan'eats" company, an alternative food supplier with seasonal solutions. Her extensive experience in the hospitality industry has only helped in catering. The company offers food in such a way that it is nice to give it as a gift. For example, brownie ingredients in a beautiful glass jar with a recipe written on it.

Narine emphasizes that they are new to business. Due to the start of the war, they entered the market later than planned, but they never gave up. After all, the purpose of the company was to convey emotions, not just to serve food. The coronavirus pandemic had a positive effect in that respect. She found time for other work outside of her main job.


 Gifts from “Saryan’eats”


            "The main achievement was not to be bothered by the lack of time. That helped to start a new initiative. Now it's time to push the goals forward."


Taste of Artsakh 


Strong women have a common feature: in crisis situations, they take the situation into their own hands and act according to the need dictated by the moment, raising personal resources if necessary. The "Taste of Artsakh" social initiative also started in the same way. The founder, Nelly, started it in order to provide employment to Hadrut women displaced by the war. Our compatriots from Artsakh prepared canned goods, Nelly helped to sell them. As a result, women got jobs so that they could solve simple household problems. Now 12 women have jobs and provide daily bread for their families.


Gifts from "Taste of Artsakh"




Educate generations that will represent the country and move on to their own business, the purpose of which is to present the Armenian culture in a proper and unique way. This is the goal of Victoria, the founder of "Keras" company.
Before founding the company, she was a headmaster of a public school. Which had its role in managing her own business. "Keras" represents our culture, it is the production of dried fruits with original packaging. It was created in 2018. Thanks to the packaging, the assortment is also suitable for gifting and sending abroad, which helps to represent Armenia abroad.


Gifts from "Keras"


"We want to present the Armenian fruits dried in the family dryer in a new way."


Women specializing in various fields are able to invest their previous professional experience in the promotion of the newly founded organization. It is necessary to show enough strength, knowledge and flexibility - the spheres of activity of many women are quite different. And despite the fact that they prove day by day that in the 21st century there are almost no occupations that are suitable only for men, still there are stereotypes related to women's occupations.


To be continued...

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