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How to create a successful business? (Part 3)

The main "weaknesses" of women

If you've ever been lucky enough to look for gifts for women, you'll have noticed that perfume, flowers, beauty products and cosmetics are some of the most recommended products. It is customary to say that they dedicate the beautiful to the representatives of the beautiful sex. Which is another stereotype: not all women like to wear makeup, some are allergic to flowers, and perfume is generally difficult to choose for a person who is not very close. So let's try to break these stereotypes with the help of our female colleagues.


Lusin Parfume


"Lusin Perfume" are perfumes of Armenian production. The founder, Lusine, is personally not indifferent to fragrances, which is the reason why she started producing perfumes in 2019. A good perfume is not always suitable for most people's pockets, especially in this difficult year. Lusine notes that there were many difficulties. it was necessary to remain competitive even at a time when a problem with purchasing power could also arise. Along with all that, 2020 brought its own complications that had to be faced.


 Gifts from “Lusin Parfume”


"We did not give up, but moved forward, improving, and now we have our Armenian perfume, the range of which is increasing day by day."




Nairyan presents care products of Armenian production. The founder is Anahit, who is a physicist by education and worked as a developer in Silicon Valley for 12 years. Approaching having her own business with the rationality of a physicist, Anahit clarified the reasons for founding the company, which are:
- to create her own business based on her hobby - essential oils and natural cosmetics,
- to create green production in Armenia, which creates additional value from natural raw materials, without harming nature and can export the finished product.
That is why the brand uses natural raw materials grown in its own gardens. Represents Armenia in a number of countries around the world since 2013.


 Gifts from “Nairian”




Another Armenian-made care product company, again founded by a woman. However, contrary to Anahit, Arpi started the production of natural cosmetics based on her own needs, only for herself, later it turned into a hobby, and finally it turned into her own business, which she has been doing since 2014.


"When you do what you love, the work goes unnoticed and, as a result, you succeed sooner."


 Gifts from “Bnatur”


Eco Garden


Eco Garden is a plant shop where emphasis is also placed on presentation, so that plants are easy to use in interior design. The founder is Anahit, who says that before 2018 (the company was founded at that time) she was already engaged in plant care and propagation work. She was working in a small greenhouse, where she came up with the idea to create a company that would present plants in a new way, as a result of which it would be nice to make them a part of the interior of the house.


 Gifts from “Eco Garden”




According to Maya, it is her great love for flowers and many creative thoughts that motivated her to create her own business in 2018. The motto of the team is to "satisfy even the most demanding customer, so that they bloom with satisfaction like a capricious catalea flower." Her secret to success is:


"We overcome all problems with great love and preparation, maintaining optimism."


Gifts from "Cataleya"


What do we see in the example of several partners? There are many female partners of, we have a lot to learn from all of them. Let's note what we can take right now, from this very material. What are their unifying characteristics?

1. Women are able to specialize in the field they like very much in everyday life (when the hobby becomes a profession).
2. They break stereotypes, being able to lead large teams with all different orientations. And those teams succeed in a short time.
3. In crisis situations, they do not get depressed, but gather together, becoming stronger.
4. They are able to turn difficulties into opportunities, showing flexibility.
5. They are creative, they add new shades to everything.
6. They have big dreams, which are seasoned with patriotism.


Each of us has this potential, it is enough just to remember from which fields our partners entered the business. You may be one more step away from your dream job. What needs to be done for that? Nothing stopped them, nothing prevented them, not even such a difficult 2020.

And so you just need to get to work.

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