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How to create a successful business? (Part 2)

What should a woman do?

Advertising campaigns are mainly calculated for women. It is said that shopaholics are more common among women and they are more prone to make emotional purchases. Whether it's a myth or a reality, our female colleagues show that it is possible to run a shop, sewing workshop, sew and import quality products. Let's see with examples.


"Bonasens" is an online store, the founder of which is Mannik, who manages everything herself. Interesting stationery and school supplies are presented there, which are also used by adults. Mannik emphasizes that all family members have their contribution in the successful course of business They are engaged in social promotion in networks, product selection, warehouse management. Mannik's seven-year-old daughter is responsible for the latter. Tell me that you can't work with family members.




"We perceive our competitors more as partners, moreover, we cooperate with many. The increase in competition gives breath of new and interesting ideas."




The founder of "Artuyt" is Arevik, her primary goal was to make Armenian art known both in Armenia and outside of Armenia. The company is engaged in the production of scarves and accessories. Cooperates with various museums, among which are Yerevan Museum of Modern Art, Sergey Parajanov Museum, Saint Etchmiadzin Museums, Yervand Kochar Museum, Matenadaran. You can see famous works of art on all accessories. And since the scarves are worn by such famous people as Angela Merkel and Kim Kardashian, "Artuyt's" art is really becoming recognizable all over the world.


Gifts from "Artuyt"


"Since I was a child, I dreamed of merging art with fashion. Also, after many travels, I realized that it is very important to present Armenian art in an accessible way. That's how I decided to create scarves."




"Lalunz" is engaged mainly in the production of children's clothes. The founder is Lusine. The name comes from the Syunik region, because the ancient petroglyphs of Syunik, made 7500 years ago, were a source of inspiration when creating the brand. Lusine can no longer imagine her life without the brand that has become her child. The goal of "Lalunz" is to prove that the Armenian is not inferior to the foreign one, and it is possible to make Armenia recognizable in the field of fashion as well. According to her, she has faced many, many obstacles during these years, but there is one important thing:


"If you do something with love, no obstacle can stop you from achieving the final result."


  Gifts from “Lalunz”


To be continued...

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