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#GoodLove for Love Holidays.'s Valentine Surprise for Customers

Love holidays are some of the warmest days of the year - couples are ready to turn the world upside down, just to make each other happy. Surprises are either simple, in the form of flowers, or planned long in advance. There are even gifts reminiscent of a performance, for which a whole team is involved.

Love is different, everyone experiences it differently, and if you ask what love is, you will get two different answers even within the couple.


"There were cases when the boy had difficulty making the first move, turned to, and everything worked out. Many of those couples have already started a family and have children. Our mission is to make people happy."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Levon Galstyan, CEO of


Every year from January to February, couples secretly start preparing for the holidays of love. Some celebrate both St. Sargis and St. Valentine, some celebrate one of them.



This year, the team decided to make couples happy, and everyone who made a purchase on the site until February 13 received a ticket to the event that will take place on that day at 14:00. 



We prepared a real Love holiday for couples - conversations around the cocktail table, classical music, and professional photographers immortalized all the memorable moments. We also had small guests, even unborn ones.
At the end, they all had a raffle. 2 couples won, and they enjoyed the sights of Yerevan from above on February 14.



5 more couples received special gifts, for which we are grateful to partners
- Say cheese
- Body Lab
- Apaga Resort
- Newmag
- Riverside Cinema
- Quest Project Isolation
- TIME Armenia
- Teryan Cultural Center


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