calendar December 18, 2020

Be the most unique Secret Santa!

Would you like to have a beautifully packaged surprise ready for your "grandchild"? Of course, there are such options, but they never fully meet expectations. Sometimes they are not so original. And what to do in that case, in order to both surprise and make the "grandchild" happy by giving him exactly what he dreams of?

They sey you can't kill two birds with one stone. And we claim that you can.
Give emotions and you will be freed from the fear of making mistakes. What has he always wanted? Does he want to go somewhere on a motorcycle, maybe have a show-program dedicated to him, or does he want to see the tricks of a real magician? We are here to make any dream come true.'s new "Secret Elf" service was created to facilitate the selection of Secret Santas. Give memories and we will package them.

You just need to call (+374) 15 400 400 and our elves will offer the most interesting surprise.

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